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The Ink Brothers

September 9th, 2011, 1:23 pm

A New Direction

Wow... it's been forever since I've updated, huh? If you follow Lozer Dawg, you'll know I'm retiring that comic. However, since I feel as though the INK Brothers didn't get the spotlight they deserved, I might still make comics included in one of my newest projects as a "meanwhile" comic. It's just been extremely slow-going since I'm having to tote my manuscripts and portfolio to comic publishers, which are all located out of state, and they tend to take quite a while to respond.

Until then, I've been trying to get back into writing weekly comics. Right now, I'm working on a little project called "Gathering Dusk," which will be a much darker comic. I've created a Smack Jeeves account for it, though it's HIGHLY under construction right now: http://gatheringdusk.smackjeeves.com/ And I've got a gallery folder for it on DA: http://cinda7.deviantart.com/gallery/32143530

I might also be creating a Smack Jeeves account for one of my secret projects, Little Miss Murder, but that has yet to be decided. I hope to eventually get my own website, but since my hours at work have been horrendous, and I've been fruitlessly trying to find a different job, I don't want to make that commitment JUST yet.

I will leave this site up for a while, if only for nostalgic reasons, and as always, you can view the comics on my DA: http://cinda7.deviantart.com/gallery/12586600

I want to thank all my fans for the support of the INK Brothers. I know it was a short run, and ended up being MUCH more difficult than it should have been for reasons outside of my control, but I did have fun. I did enjoy the fans, even if they're small in numbers. I just hope that my newest projects will reap a little more success, and I hope I can continue to gain fans and support.

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