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The Ink Brothers

The self-proclaimed leader of the Ink Brothers. He's the brains of the operation and usually comes up with all the ideas. He's never afraid of confronting the humans, no matter how bad they smell. He is also the oldest of ten and his siblings often show up here and there, if only to annoy their big brother.

The slow, chubby, rather dim-witted member of the group. He doesn't care much about terrorizing humans, he just wants to eat their food. Maybe that's why he's so slow, chubby, and dim-witted. High fructose corn syrup, man. It's a killer. He only gives piggy-back rides to Demo.

The short, knife-wielding maniac of the group. His favorite saying is "walk softly, carry a big knife." Apparently, Demo knows nothing about great American, presidential sayings. It's "SPEAK softly, carry a big STICK." Sheesh!