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The Ink Brothers

About the Comic
Sometime in the new millennium, a rift was opened and demons crept their way into the human world. They watched as the humans became preoccupied with their own problems, completely oblivious to the growing army around them. Then, sometime in 2009, a group of three yellow demons made themselves known. They called themselves "The Ink Brothers." Together, they terrorize the human world by switching around one-way signs on highways, stealing your socks from the dryer, and eating your baked goods. They are indefatigable in their mischievous ways. There is no hope of stopping them...

Hide the cookies, the Ink Brothers are coming!

About the Artist
The artist has currently declined an interview, seeing as how her living space is being currently overrun with demons. She did have this to say... "I knew about the demons way back in 2006. I kept them in hiding for as long as I could. I told you they'd get out. But did you listen? Nooooooooo." Then a short yellow demon popped out of nowhere and stabbed me in the leg. It hurt. A lot.